Secrets of Swing

“Secrets Of Swing” is a 63-page songbook and guitar instructional book developed specifically to teach 10 great classics of the Swing Era. Each 6-page chapter features a 2-page introduction with background on the song itself, its historic use and some tips in the playing. There is also a 2-page leadsheet with guitar chord grids and staff, so other instruments can play from the same music. Each chapter also has a 2-page “licks-sheet”, teaching one idea very thoroughly throughout the tune to form ideas for improvisation with staff, tab and chord grids. Finally, a CD with slow and fast versions of each tune is included to help the student’s practice. Parts of Chapter 1 are pictured below.

Book and CD are available for $24.99 including tax and shipping.

Write with your address and certified check (payable to “Ray Kamalay”)to:

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637 East Saginaw Hwy.,

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